There are 800 million monthly active users on this platform. And 500 million Instagram profiles are active on a daily basis. Here’s something else that might surprise you: Instagram has 70% of branded hashtags. What is that tell you? If you are not active on Instagram, your competitors definitely are.

Those of you who already have an account are on the right track. But just having an Instagram profile does not necessarily translate to sales. If you want to drive sales and make real money from Instagram, then you need to come up with a viable strategy. It is worth noting that around 31% of Instagram users fall into the 18-24 age group. This is a highly valuable demographic for businesses that are trying to build a viable audience. Which also makes Instagram extremely competitive. But with a well-planned marketing strategy and a firm brand identity, your business can get the right kind of exposure.

This post will take you in the right direction with 6 tips and strategies that you can apply to your Instagram marketing strategy today.

Instagram Marketing Tip


  1. Focus on the first impression of your page

First impressions matter. This statement is true in the real world as well as in the virtual world. As a marketer, you need to recognize him. This is the only reason why writing a unique blog post introduction is important to your content strategy. When an Instagram user clicks on your profile, what is the first thing they see?

They see your profile picture, biography, and your most recent posts. Going back to our endpoint about following users to develop their own follower base, when a user clicks on your profile, they should have no questions. What I mean by this Your profile should say who you are and what you do.

Having your logo as your profile picture makes the most sense. It is a lot more recognizable than a random photo of a person or one of your products. Here is an example from the Dollar Beard Club Instagram page.

What is your first impression of this profile?

To me, it is clear from the beginning who they are. The profile picture is their logo, and their bio describes what they do in more detail. They even include a link to a landing page on their website to encourage users to sign up for the service.

Basically, if your brand’s Instagram page doesn’t attract users’ attention, you won’t have much luck with followers. For the most part, it is best to keep everything small, to the point, and professional. Now, you will have more opportunities to promote your products and ultimately increase your sales.

2. Post content on a regular basis

If you are adding a picture or video to your profile only once a month, then this is not an effective strategy. I would not even say that an active profile. You want your brand to always be fresh in the minds of your followers. Also, you do not want to flood user timelines and this is considered annoying. You need to find a beach here.

I would not recommend posting more than once per day. If you have a lot of content that you want to share every day, then it is better to add it to your Instagram story. If you don’t know how it works, check out my ultimate guide to using the Instagram story to promote your business.

How often should you post on Instagram? Research shows that on Instagram, top brands post 1.5 times every day on average. Which comes to about 10 or 11 positions per week. The timing of these posts is also important. Top brands typically post content during office hours on a standard weekday.


Well, around 90% of the employees admit they are at work using social media as a distraction. You need to identify it and plan your post time accordingly. Posting on a regular basis increases your exposure and increases the likelihood that as many people will see your content as possible.

  1. Add hashtags to your captions

Captions are no more important than the images and videos you post. You have to know how to write Instagram captions that drive engagement Hashtags are definitely required. There are a lot of different approaches to this. For starters, you can use an already existing one so that others can see it. For example, you can choose a hashtag that is promoting a national event.

Another idea is to create your own hashtag. It will be much more brand-specific. You can use a hashtag with just your brand name as well as your campaign name. If you like running contests on Instagram, you can have a unique hashtag for everyone.

  • Brand or campaign-specific hashtags

You create these hashtags to promote your business on Instagram. A brand hashtag is usually a campaign hashtag for your company name/slogan and the marketing campaigns you run. Either way, make sure your hashtags are unique, attractive, and easy to remember.

  • Content Hashtag

These hashtags are used within your content and are relevant to it. While they are not popular, using them can help your content be received by your target audience. These hashtags may seem simple but they are necessary so that more and more people can discover it. But make sure you don’t overload your post with a ton of hashtags.

4. Turn your Instagram into a sales funnel

Can you sell products through Instagram? of course you can. The social platform is a great place to sell more to take your brand to the next level. Although selling on Instagram is different. For example, if you are not using paid post features, then you will not be able to add an external link in your Instagram post.

Selling through Instagram is about taking a tried and tested approach. Which is to focus on building a strong brand image with the help of its Instagram profile.

  • Be active regularly

When marketing on Instagram, it is important that you add your Instagram activities to your daily routine. A lot of marketers may argue that you don’t have to post on your Instagram every single day. Which is absolutely fine. However, you have to regularly log in to your Instagram account, interact with content from your feed, follow other relevant experts, and comment on photos/videos.

By being active on a regular basis, you increase your chances of seeing your profile by the right people. It may not make a big difference, but in the long run, you will find that your continuous activity has contributed positively to your growth on Instagram.

  • Proceed to Product Photos

While there is nothing wrong with posting photos about your product, you should place a limit on hosting product-related content on your Instagram account. Your Instagram has to look natural and aesthetically – even if you are running a business.

Regardless of the type of business you are running, your Instagram profile may contain photos that reflect your company’s beliefs and ideologies. Your posts can help your followers understand your vision and what you want to achieve or give them. For example, you can post quotes that are of an inspirational nature that people like to share on Instagram. This automatically increases the engagement of your content and gives your brand the necessary attention.

  • Post pictures with real people

When you are running a product-oriented business, you have the opportunity to show your products interacting with real people. For example, if you are selling handbags, you can use your handbag or admire the women in your photos.

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5. Leverage Sponsored Ads

Companies using Instagram advertising are growing and now the number of monthly advertisers is more than 2,000,000. Here are some statistics you need to know.

  • There are over 200 million users who visit their Instagram profiles every day.
  • 50% of the pages of these users click on Explore monthly, Instagram posts that have space get 79% more engagement
  • 7 out of 10 hashtags used in Instagram posts are branded
  • 60% of users state that they find new products on Instagram while 70% of frequent buyers visit this platform to discover new products to try

It just goes to show that Instagram advertising is here to stay. And as a business, you should try to leverage this to reach your target audience in a cost-efficient manner. Apart from the fact that Instagram has a strong user base of over 1 billion, here are some more strong reasons for you to consider advertising on it.

  1. Instagram and Facebook are connected, so you can use your Facebook advertising experience to better target your audience on Instagram.
  2. Manage everything about your Instagram ads in Facebook Ad Manager, from creating ads to budgeting.
  3. Ads are attractive and non-intrusive, which can help you achieve a better conversion rate at a lower cost.
  4. Creative freedom to use both images and videos, while promoting your product or service.
  5. Ads are difficult to miss because they occupy the full mobile device screen.
  6. The ability to conduct an A / B split test on your ad creative from within the platform using the Facebook Instagram Ad Editor, and in the process increases your chances of getting a better return on investment.
  7. Cross-Promote on Other Social Media Channels

One of the most effective ways to increase your reach is to promote your Instagram on other social media platforms. You may already have fans/followers on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. who know you and trust you. So why not invite them to follow you on Instagram as well?

By focusing on cross-promoting you will be able to generate more exposure for your Instagram content, improve your brand image, and reduce the cost of creating new content. Here is an example of cross-promotion by personal injury law firm Marcus & Mack.

Depending on your social media goals, you can cross-promote to other social media accounts in various ways. Here is some idea.

  • Automatically post your Instagram content to other accounts with tools like Hootsuite.
  • Promote your Instagram-only video content on Facebook or LinkedIn and drive back traffic.
  • Spread the word about your Instagram contests by using relevant social accounts to increase your follower count.

When done effectively, this strategy can help you develop your Instagram marketing one step at a time.