You wanted to build your online presence and want to market your products on the web. At the same time, you can confuse which tool will be best for you either the Builderall or Cickfunnel. Right?

There are so many tools available in the market that can help you to build your online presence, But the Builderall and Clickfunnel both are at the top of the market.

In this situation, you may be feeling which of them will be easy and best for you to start your online business.

Today, in this article we will have a detailed comparison between Clickfunnel Vs. Builderall. We promise you after reading this article you will be able to make your decision more clearly.

So let’s get started.

What is Builderall?

Builderall is a self-hosted online business builder and marketing platform. It contains all the tools that you need to create and promote your website, blog, or business. Builderall was created by Erick in 2011 to help small businesses and entrepreneurs grow their businesses.

It can help them to easily manage their website, online presence, and marketing process. Builderall has made every process so easy that a person with no technical skill can make their website using Builderall.

Any idea that you have in your mind, you can bring it to reality with Builderall. You can transform your idea into a successful and profitable business. No matter whether you want to create a website, promote your product, the coolest lead, host a webinar, or anything else, Builderall has all the tools to help you.

What is Clickfunnel?

Clickfunnel is another fully hosted, all in one tool that allows the user to make highly profitable funnels, landing pages. Clickfunnel too has all the tools that you m\will require to make your online business profitable.

You can market, sell, promote, deliver your service to people effectively. Clickfunnel was created by Russell Brunson and Todd Dickerson in the year 2014. The current business value of Clickfunnel is over $350 Million.

Anyone who wants to grow their business can use Clickfunnel whether he is an entrepreneur, solopreneur, small businessman, or big brand. The best part of click funnel is you will have premade funnels and templates that have already brought a lot of conversion to people.

So, there is no need to worry regarding funnels. You can easily customize the funnel template using the drag and drop option. You can add these funnels to your website using the HTML code, on your social media, or WordPress using the Clickfunnels WordPress plugin.


Builderall Vs Clickfunnel: The Main Difference

Choosing one out of similar services can be a challenging task. If you made the wrong choice then your whole business as well as the investment may get completely lost. This is why it will tell you the key difference between Builderall and Clickfunnel.

From our research and experience, we found that Builderall is a service that lets you create your online presence and market it to the people using the different tools available.

On the other hand, Clickfunnel lets you create funnels and highly profitable sales pages which help your business to grow. Also, Clickfunnel has tons of different features to use which can help you collect more leads and transform your business into a brand.


The difference in the features: Clickfunnels Vs. Builderall

To explain this point we would like to give you an example. Suppose you want to buy something and you searched it on Google and clicked on the Search Result. There, you saw a website that contained the Logo, banner, news, ads, and the main content which you were looking for.

On the other hand, you can look for a product. You click on an ad or search result and go to the landing page, where you will be guided about the product you want to buy. Then you will be educated about the use, pros, cons of the product.

What do you think, in which case you are more likely to buy the product?

Of course, the second example. Right? Because in the first example there are so many ads and distractions and also you are not well informed about the promotion and you are given a lot of choices which make you confused.

In the second example, you are well informed about the product and they make a relationship with you where you were able to clear all your doubts related to the service and product.

You see, the second example is a funnel where you were nurtured. A normal website may confuse the buyer but the sales funnel will not. This is why Clickfunnel helps you to create funnels.


What are the features of Builderall?

The top features of the Builderall are given below:

  1. It Provides you with App Builder: Builderall allows its user to create apps using the Builderall App Builder.
  2. Hosting: Builderall hosting is quite good. It uses dedicated servers and content delivery networks. The servers of Builderall are on 5 different continents, to host any site. This reduces the loading time of the website and makes the website stay active for much time. The downtime of the websites hosted on the Builderall hosting is very less.
  3. Customizable Templates: Builderall provides you a wide range of professional templates for your website, blog, or the sales funnels. You can easily customize any template that you choose for your website, blog, or landing page. The Funnel club has 300+ Template for free.
  4. Drag and Drop Option: Builderall lets the user create the website using three website builders, those are, the Pixel Perfect Builder, Mobile First Builder, and responsive Builder.
  5. Webinars: Its webinar tool will let you do a live webinar with your audience or if you want to do a pre-recorded webinar then you can easily do it with this webinar tool.
  6. Email Marketing Tool: Builderall provides one of the best email marketing tools which provide you autoresponder service, mailings boss, and there is no limit on the emails that you can send. You can set-up unlimited email campaigns in it. You can track the performance of the email, create engaging emails, and target a particular group of the users with this email marketing tool.
  7. Some More tools are listed below:
    • The best and fastest drag and drop Website Builder with hundreds of features
    •  The Only Real and complete Graphic Funnel Builder
    •  Vídeo hosting tool
    •  Membership websites and e-learning system
    •  Unlimited Email Marketing (yes, we said unlimited email marketing)
    • CRM and automation system
    •  Chatbot and SiteBot
    •  Booking Calendar
    •  Super checkout system with dozens of payment gateway integrations
    •  Run your own affiliate program (1 tier or multi-tier)
    •  Ecommerce Checkout
    •  Auction Checkout
    •  Magazine builder
    •  Mockup and image editor
    • Vídeo Wrapper
    •  Browser Notifications
    •  Blog Builder
    •  Chat Builder
    •  Google and Adsense Friendly Builder
    •  Hundreds of Vídeo tutorials and a huge knowledge base
    •  Chat and ticket support

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What are the features of Clickfunnels?

The top feature of the clickfunnels are given below:

  1. Templates and Funnels Sets: This feature if the click funnel is amazing. You will get pre-defined professional funnels set and customizable sets that enable you to create profitable funnels in simple steps. If you want then you can select a blank template and design your funnel from the scratch.
  2. Backpack Affiliate Program: If you want to create your affiliate program where other people will be promoting your product and you will give them commission as per the project. This will reduce your marketing cost. You can use this backpack affiliate program for this.
  3. Drag and Drop Web Page Editor: Clickfunel enables you to edit each page of the funnel with the drag and drop option. You can design elements, change the background, edit the text of the funnel, and perform many other features.
  4. Webinar Funnel: Clickfunnel provides you a webinar funnel, you can choose a webinar funnel that will let you advertise and automatically run your webinar.
  5. Email Marketing: You can easily connect your click funnel account with other third-party email marketing services.

one funnel away challange


Why Funnels can be better than websites?

Sales funnel brings a good conversion to your business. With the help of the sales funnel new business and entrepreneurs will be able to reach new customers who have never heard about them before and build trust in them.

On the other hand, the website may contain ads, banners, and do not guide the person what action they need to perform next. Also, there may not be a clear choice for the product.

Does Builderall provide you with funnels?

To be honest, Builderall provides you the functionality of making funnels. If you do not know what you are doing and which type of funnel you want to create, they don’t seem to provide helpful guidance for creating the funnels that can bring profit to you.

One of Builderall’s best benefits is that there’s an extensive range of templates available for users.

Whether you’re looking to design a whole website, a sales funnel, or an individual landing page, Builderall caters for this with a huge selection of attractive and fully optimized templates.

The templates also cover a big range of niches and industries, so whatever field your business is in, there will be a template to suit your brand.

Template categories include events, music, travel, health and beauty, design, agency, news, and education.

Templates come by type too. So, whether you’re creating a lead capture page, sales funnel set, webinar page, membership page, thank you page, or anything else, there’s sure to be a template to suit the situation.

Once you select a template, you then have the freedom to customize it with one of the Builderall builders listed.

Most of the templates offer a great starting point for creating a unique landing page. They’re especially useful for those who lack web design skills, creativity, or time to build a template from scratch.

But if you’re a wizard with web design, don’t worry, there’s plenty of fun to be had. Builderall also provides several blank templates for those who want to create their perfect pages from scratch.


Quick Summary on Builderall Vs. Clickfunnels

  1. Builderall is some like WordPress. It lets you create your website with lots of helpful tools.
  2. Builderall provides you guidance on How to create a highly profitable landing page and funnels with the help of their New Knowledgebase.
  3. Builderall is not expensive compared to Clickfunnels.
  4. Clickfunnel and Builderall both are quite good for collecting lead and selling products.


Clickfunnel and Builderall both have a lot of features that can help you to start your business or boost your business. If you want to create a highly- profitable funnel and boost your revenue that you just go with Clickfunnel and Builderall.


Also, both services provide you 14 days of the free trial, so you can try each yourself and choose the one which works for you. If you have any doubt now related to this article then do comment, we will try our best to solve your query.

14 Days Free Trial Of Builderall 

14 Days Free Trial Of Clickfunnels