Welcome to my BuilderAll 4.0 Review 2020, an all-in-one marketing platform with all the tools you will need to run a sustainable online business without the need to spend so much money on third-party tools.

Builderall Internet Marketing Platform for Skyrocket, your online business with the most comprehensive all-in-one smart platform you have ever known. Get more traffic and generate more sales every day with this easy to use internet marketing tool you can get today. Every business is unique and each requires a wide variety of distinctive designs on its pages to attract more visitors. However, most of them only offer generic templates that often feel blurry and boring. More importantly, they rarely offer built-in marketing tools to enable traffic, leads, and sales management in their packages. This is detrimental as you may need many devices which are often not enough and cost a lot of money. This is except at times when you may need to become familiar with those tools. Fortunately, there is a definitive tool that will allow you to create unique and attractive pages, with built-in marketing tools available.


What Is Builderall?

Created by Eric Salgado, Builderall is an all-in-one digital marketing platform and the best website builder for small businesses.

Packed with essential tools and applications that help business owners, entrepreneurs, and digital marketers build their online presence.

It was launched in 2017 and was primarily aimed at entrepreneurs who wanted to start an online business or a small business owner who wanted to take their existing businesses online.

Builderall offers you a truly all-in-one platform with great quality at affordable prices.

If you are looking to build your entire online business under one platform without using more than one tool and dealing with more than one integration, then you may consider trying Builderall.


What’s new with Builderall 4.0 version?

Managed BUILDERALL was the first to depict all gilts and gilts. The upcoming new version was added to its platform with more than 40 tools on one dash, allowing all of these devices to be used as a digital marketplace in one place.

In addition to all the tools the Builderall already has, you can access a new tool, such as:

  • Cheetah Builder
  • Builderall Funnel Club
  • Booking calendar app
  • Builderall Design Tool
  • Super Checkout with e-commerce
  • New animated mockups for the design studio
  • Webinar updates
  • Builderall website agency system
  • Builderall Market
  • Share locker updates
  • Chat generator and private chat generator

Responsive Blog / Website Builder

Your customers are fast becoming mobile. Before hiring someone to create a mobile website for you, check out our responsive builder. Build search-optimized sites or squeeze pages that your business needs to sell on any device, in just minutes.


On SEO page reporting tool

You buy an expensive but elegant website, and when you search it in search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing), it is not detected for weeks or months. Is anyone related to this? As it happens, SEO is not a priority. Our SEO on Page Reporting Tool will give you as much information as possible to increase your visits which you need to make your page SEO friendly.


Super Funnel Club

This is particularly exciting for me. With the new Super Funnel Club, you get access to 300 high-converting funnels created by the builder’s own writers and designers, from a wide variety of different parts.

In addition, funnels will be added to the funnel club every month, so you will never run out of new funnel design ideas.

However, it would cost you $ 199, although in my opinion $ 0.67 per funnel is a steal…


Cheetah Drop and Drop Builder

Builderall finally completed its famous Cheetah Builder website, Page, Funnel Builder, now complete, easy, and fast to use with high-end features. The world’s first drag and drop cheetah funnel builder is a tool that allows you to create, preview, page, email sequences, email automation, simulation, A / B testing, and more on a plane.


Super payment with e-commerce

In addition to the complete e-commerce solution in the Super Checkout app, other features included in Builderall4.0 include reverse auction and auction systems, redesign, and cheetah integration.


Presentation builder

You probably know a lot of presentation tools, right? Do any of them allow you to create presentations where you can easily edit CSS or embed anywhere on your website or blog? If you need to create an interactive way to communicate with your visitors and integrate it into your website, we have the ideal tool that does all of this, Presentation Builder.


Lead Capture Tool

If your goal is a powerful and holistic digital marketing strategy, then lead capture tools should be tied to everyone. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! You can focus on promoting your marketing strategy by capturing it efficiently with Facebook login, email form, smart subscription, and more.


Chat generator and private chat generator

This is for private and group conversations with your audience on your website or membership area and you can also use it for the help desk.


Builderall Webinar Builder

It is one of the most advanced webinar tools on the market.

Here you can create an interactive live webinar with options for streaming, screen sharing, webinar recording, and more. You can also easily organize live streaming on Facebook and YouTube with RTMP streaming.

It is very easy to run a webinar through the builder. The platform provides an optimal way to schedule and monitor webinars.

You can enable chat integration recording with MailingBoss, upload content, and password protects webinars.


Easy to learn

Aside from the speed of technology, employees, and infrastructure, which is very important is the experience.

All platforms go through at least 3 years of learning.

Where they discover everything that can go wrong and there are implications in managing and scaling digital marketing software with thousands of users.

New platforms can be good software. But you can and should expect hundreds of mistakes and errors during the first few years. And if your business can wait, that’s fine.

But if your company can’t wait 3 years to have a solid presence, you better find a solid platform. You can get all the access to their Knowledgebase from their platform free of cost.


Other extras

Other additions to the platform include the Builderall booking app, the Builderall layout tool, the Builderall marketplace, and a few extras; All of them are packed with a ton of new features at launch that eventually places you between Builderall and the big gamers market.


Builderall 4.0 Price Plans

Super-Free plan

With the Builderall Super-Free plan you can access all the tools, but of course, with some tools. If you’re new to digital marketing or haven’t decided yet whether to go builder, this plan is for you. When you feel like you’re ready to take full advantage of this platform, you can always upgrade to the paid option.


Builderall Premium Plan

The Builderall Premium Plan has a new price of $ 99.00, but if you decide to start with this plan during the launch, you will have to pay a 30% discount and only $ 69.90, where you get access to all the devices that you can provide with the range of platform.


Builderall Funnel Club

This will also include the Builderall Funnel Club with an additional $ 199 lump sum payment, plus $ 69.90 per month, where you can access all the construction tools, 400+ funnel templates, and chatbot funnels. The creator also plans to add more and more funnel templates, which you can use to sell your product or service online. Or you can also use these funnels to sell to local businesses that are great.

If you start with a premium account, you will be able to start your own website agency, create subaccounts for your clients, and charge them directly.

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There are two more Plans there

  1. Builderall trail Plan for $1 for 30 Days
  2. Builderall Plan for $29


How To Sign-Up As an Affiliate?

The builder’s commission structure is as follows:

Direct Sales: Affiliate customers receive a 100% commission on their first payment and a 30% commission on recurring payments, as long as the customer is logged into the platform Builderall platform.

2-Tier Sales: Affiliates earned a 30% commission for paying customers at the 2-Tier level (under the channel you associate). If you have an affiliate marketer and will be able to sell to a new customer, you will receive a commission of 30% of your recurring payments.

Each Builderall user will automatically get approved to be eligible. If you are not using the build platform, you can still become an affiliate, you just need to register and get approval from a builder.

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Who Is BuilderAll 4.0 for?

By now, you know that BuilderAll is a great platform. Not only for the cheaper price but also for the equipment you get under one roof.

For a Newbies

Starting a drag and drop website builder, sales funnel and landing page has never been easier!

For a Product Creators

How much do you pay for your professionally created sales page? It goes without saying that you need to collect emails, follow up with an autoresponder, and have a social proof and sales funnels. The Builderall will satisfy all those needs

For an Email marketers

How much do you pay to your current email services provider, such as ConvertKit or Aweber? With 10,000 customers, it is hard to believe that anyone can resist buying a BA. The cost of Builderall Email Marketing, Mailingboss costs less than half of other email marketing plans.

For an App developers

Developing an application from Builderall has never been easier, whether you’re just starting out or you’re a supporter.

For Affiliate marketers

Are you already interested in affiliate marketing and making money online? Builderall is a great platform to promote to build trust and credibility.

For Companies and Co

Don’t you need a professionally built website with everything you need to make sales, build credibility, and attract more customers?


What I love about the builderall

    • The best and fastest drag and drop Website Builder with hundreds of features
    •  The Only Real and complete Graphic Funnel Builder
    •  Vídeo hosting tool
    •  Membership websites and e-learning system
    •  Unlimited Email Marketing (yes, we said unlimited email marketing)
    • CRM and automation system
    •  Chatbot and SiteBot
    •  Booking Calendar
    •  Super checkout system with dozens of payment gateway integrations
    •  Run your own affiliate program (1 tier or multi-tier)
    •  Ecommerce Checkout
    •  Auction Checkout
    •  Magazine builder
    •  Mockup and image editor
    • Vídeo Wrapper
    •  Browser Notifications
    •  Blog Builder
    •  Chat Builder
    •  Google and Adsense Friendly Builder
    •  Hundreds of Vídeo tutorials and a huge knowledge base
    •  Chat and ticket support

I can go on and on, but I want you to dig into it and try it yourself.


So what do I think about the new 4.0 builder? To be honest, I wasn’t the biggest Builderall fan before. Don’t get me wrong, it was a good stage, but it wasn’t very good. However, one thing I always give you credit for is your willingness to give feedback and improve your software.

I think Builderall4.0 is the testament to that. Not only have they reacted to the answer, but they are over-delivered. It may be too early to say, but if this new release is everything, I think we have found ourselves a serious competitor for ClickFunnels in this industry.

If you would like to register with Builderall, please click the link.